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mr_richard_taylor.html 08.03.2010

Helmar Kloss

Mr Richard Taylor, 08.03.2010


Dear Sir,
    I have read Your interview in the magazine “SPIEGEL”. It was touching. And in a sleepless night when a mourning cat awoke me I decided to write You this letter. It is long, but needs to be long. So, please, be patient!
    At first, I will introduce myself. I have studied sociology and psychology in the sixties but never have worked in professions concerning these matters. Nevertheless, I have been studying these and other matters all my life so that I’m not ignorant, so to say, in quite a lot of matters and questions.
    At the age of 45 I became asthmatic. After 5 years of medical treatments I became suicidal because it did not help at all but, on the contrary, made me sicker and sicker (because of Cortison). With friendly help I came to understand that what one is spitting in an asthmatic crisis are animal proteins dissolved in water, something comparable to lymph. If I would eat less animal proteins, I guessed, I would have to spit less. This simple idea was right, all medicine was not. Since then, I’m vegetarian; but after healing my asthma, no more in an absolute sense. I have learned to listen to my body, and if he wants some fish he gets it. Although it is rare that he is doing so. Only every two or three months. But in my diet there is no meat, there are no sausages, no hot dogs, no hamburgers, no steaks and no milk or derivatives as milk powder found in many tin cans. Fruits, vegetables, nuts and the like. Only some (not much) cheese is still found in my ordinary nutrition after healing asthma and “chronic” i.e. uncurable bronchitis (medical diagnosis). They erred! I’m 69 of age now but I’m becoming healthier and healthier!
    So much about me. Perhaps You may wonder why I have told You this. You are not asthmatic, right? But I’m quite sure, it concerns You too. Lately, they have found the remains of a prehuman called “Ardi” who lived some 4.4 million years ago. Ardi was visibly vegetarian. Ardi seems to be our first direct predecessor while all other prehumans found yet belonged to extinct branches comparable to the species called Neandertaler. That means, our genes dont like food of the kind most people eat now in large quantities, because after the “invention” of fire – perhaps 1 million years ago – it was possible even for our ancestors to devore meat without having the teeth of carnivorous animals. Nevertheless, the digestion of material consisting of animal proteins does not go well. It happens what modern medicine – the discoveries of Prof. Lothar Wendt notwithstanding – does not see and is not willing to see, because vested interests – and the vested interest of chemical industry and beef farmers … - are contrary. Doctors are paying their expensive apparatus by contributions of patients, and they would get no money from healthy people. From me, only a dentist gets some money now and then, for controlling, nothing more. And lately, he did not even find tartar anymore.
    Well, now I’ll tell You something about the reasons of very much illnesses, “cured” by modern medicine only symptomatically and not really: All what concerns heart and circulatory problems (proved), arthrose (proved), perhaps even osteoporosis (hypothetical), cancer (at least in part), asthma (at least in part) – are at least reinforced by wrong nutrition. In part because there are always genetical and environmental factors contributing to any kind of disease. Thanks to modern medicine (hygiene and antibiotics!) we are becoming older than our ancestors did, so the consequences of our wrong diet become visible. For people who died at 25 years of age (for millions of years) or 45 (19th century) it did not have importance what they ate as it has now, when we often become 80 or 90 years of age.
    The reason – simplified – is the following: Lymph and blood are thickened by proteins and their composites so that body cells are suffering from malnutrition. They often die without leaving younger cells. The organs, in fact all tissues tend to decay. That’s the reason why I’m becoming younger: After nearly 20 years of vegetarianism my tissues are still restoring themselves, because before I have eaten a lot of animal proteins for at least 33 years! For ex., just now, coming home from France (I’m living in Italy), I have lost 5 kilograms. Two or three years ago, the same thing happened. But while my skin now has shrunken without leaving wrinkles, two or three years ago I looked very, very old because of wrinkles all over my body. This means, my skin is y o u n g e r than two years ago. My reflexes are still those of the man I have been at the age of 20, reinforced by 60 years of experience. Example: Lately I had the opportunity of driving a car from Verona in Italy to Hof in Germany (700km). I made it in 5.5 hours! Look on a map: There are the Alpes with speed-limits, controls, toll-gates and other hindrances! Only in Germany, at least from time to time, I could go by 200 km/hour without any reflex problems. Other people of my age, I know, never could have done it. I’m speaking three foreign languages and I prepare learning a fourth one (Spanish). This means, my brain too has profited – and is still profiting - from my diet.
    Now to the problem “Alzheimer”, Your main problem. Well, I have to admit that the following ideas are hypothetical. I have not yet found any valuable proof, but I think You have nothing to loose in trying, do You?
    And the basis of my suppositions is the following: In all texts I have read about Alzheimer, Parkinson and Multiple sclerosis there are found allusions to “plaque” involved. Plaque is among other things what You get on Your teeth if not brushed regularly. It consists mainly of proteins from dead bacterias. If there is plaque involved in the processes provoking nervous problems, as in the case of the diseases mentioned above, I bet that reducing or – at least for some time (see later) – avoiding animal proteines the body (wiser than men are) will decompose these deposits as he did in my body who tried to get rid of them by spitting.
    Perhaps, there may be already some irreversable damages resulting from malnutrition of Your nerves or parts of Your nerves, but I’m quite sure that Your situation will not deteriorate as it will do if You go on eating what You are eating now. Because Your body, believe me (I saw Your photo) is full of animal proteins! The diet necessary for 3 months is the following: Absolutely no animal proteins at all! The body will cry for them but if not served from the outside he will try to get it from the inside! And this is just what we want: He will dissolve all deposits – as I hope but cannot guarantee, even those in the brain – and by this You will be cured. Accompanying this diet You will have to drink a lot of mineral water to hinder the byproducts – especially urine acid – to be stored (gout). And after the three months You should not return to Your normal diet but to one of a very reduced consumption of animal proteins. My body overtook in telling me what he wants as he does in babies. But one has to listen!
    If You are following the diet of ”Eiweißhungerkur” (perhaps You know some German) You will also have to avoid combinations of all kinds of grain (wheat, corn, ...) with all kind of legumes (beans, peas, ...) because our body is able to synthesize animal proteins out of them; a capacity good for poor Mexican farmers, who live from bread and beans, but undesirable for the purpose of healing illness of the kind Prof. Wendt called “Eiweißspeicherkrankheiten” (illnesses deriving from protein storage). After three months You should not proceed with the absolute proteinless diet because the body would take the little but necessary quantity of animal proteins from muscles and other valuable material. As far as I know (I did not make scientific studies) 50 grams in a week are good and necessary; 100 grams will do no harm. More is not good. Today, normal people are eating 250 grams (and more) every day! - Poor people!
    And if Your wife is protesting, tell her the following argument: Statistically, women have less infarcts and blows as men have; but only until their menopause. No doctor is able to answer the simple question: “Why”!
    I can.
    Until menopause every (normal) woman monthly “suffers” blood-letting, the way they tried to cure rich and voracious men before “modern medicine” became prevalent. In “modern medicine” they use medicaments to reduce blood pressure and blood thinner instead of blood-letting. But the menses mean, that women loose animal proteins in a quite natural manner. And this means also, that they have less animal proteins to store.
    I hope I could help You! Of course, You will have to be patient because the process of restoration – not the clearance of the deposits, but the restitution of damaged tissues - takes a lot of time and You are older than I have been when I began to change my life (50). But if You will suffer less or at least not deteriorate, please, remember: You are a professor! Tell the people! Tell them!!