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Helmar Kloss

Vicious Circle of Human History; Copyright 2018

     Social groups need a cer­tain degree of internal cohesion in order to survive. This 'certain degree' is the crux of the story, for on the one hand, too much cohesion implies subjugation of the in­di­vi­duals and subgroups forming the group, while too little signifies constant danger of disintegration and dissolution, because groups com­pete with one another. Therefore, only groups survive that can hold their own in more or less fierce conflicts.
      If a social group is to continue to exist as a whole despite strong internal conflicts, either coercion must be exerted to control the internal opposites, or internal cohesion must be promoted through increased demarcation to the out­side. But this provokes conflicts and often leads to more or less devastating wars. For the fate of man­kind this vicious circle means infinite conflicts with endless suffering and countless victims.